i’m the main character without any regrets in this scene

19 years old (99)
i love cake
i'm gay
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48 group
rocket girls 101

my numbers one

wjsn's chu sojung
clc's chang seungyeon
nct's lee taeyong
loona's kim hyunjin
fromis_9's lee chaeyoung

wanna one's lee daehwi
fromis_9's lee nakyung
izone's jo yuri
nct's na jaemin
one's kim chaewon

akb48's kojima mako
dreamcatcher's lee siyeon
elris' choi yuna
gugudan's kang mina
hkt48's motomura aoi
izone's miyawaki sakura
loona's jeon heejin
loona's park chaewon
mamamoo's moon byulyi
pristin's zhou jieqiong
red velvet's kim yerim
rocket girls' zhang zining
weki meki's lee seojung
wjsn's yoo yeonjung

nct's lee jeno
unb's oh gwangsuk
wanna one's yoon jisung

you comforts me at the cold cloud-filled night
the light called ‘you’ seems like a kid
i like your eyes which are full of me
please cover my sorrowful memories
the kid called ‘you’ makes me happy
i'm falling in love

please cheer me up
and hold my hands tightly

When my moon rises
Your sun rises as well
Under the same sky
In this different time
Our hearts are connected
Under the same sky

You and I
Our own secrets
We are like one

We are connected to each other
We’re looking at the same place

In the same time
In different places
This distorted fate

Our hearts are connected
Under the same sky

You're the one, so incredible
Number one, unforgettable

This is what “fall in love” is
Dipped you inside my white heart, and made it red
Can’t stop thinking about you
I keep thinking about you more and more